Eternal Rose Gold (Everose Rolesor) case with Oyster bracelet, coupled with the use of chocolate color dial, Rolex Yacht Masters 40 series after a new year after the addition of a member. 2015 Basel swiss replica watches Fair, the yacht Mingshi series for everyone to bring the case size of 40mm, equipped with a Cal.3135-type movement, also equipped with the latest brand development of the Oysterflex patent strap of the new replica watch, the The form of the case is made of 18kt eternal rose gold (Rolex's own research and development of the pink alloy), and now, by the combination of stainless steel and gold material to build the yacht Mingshi 40 also joined the ranks. We have every reason to expect, all the steel style it will certainly be released in the near future. I am going to explain to you that this uk replica watches is only a new color scheme in the yacht Mirage 40 series, and it is not a good idea for the Rolex Mirage series of Rolex, Of the product, not a new work. This series has been so few two-tone style, but because this is the new year after the new year after the release of the new models, so Xiao Bian that this is more representative of the series in the forward. Yes, the yacht Mingshi 40 series has other different styles, but had not provided a new chocolate color dial. And the same is a series but the dial is matte black watch compared to this watch, whether it is dial or bezel are obviously gentle and soft, the case of this design may be because Rolex want to build it into a Full size, men and women take the diving watch models. The use of the oyster bracelet replaces the sporty rubber (Rolex insists it as a "Elastomer") strap, which will probably bring some advantage to sales. Plainly, this is a men and women of the neutral watch, but Xiao Bian or more like a black disk with a permanent rose gold that one. This yacht Mingshi 40 watch two-way rotating bezel on the figures and scales are polished process, compared to matte black is more clear and prominent, and 18kt eternal rose gold bezel other places to spray Sand process, the whole watch has a soothing sense of the visual sense, which used by the material brought about by the warm tone has a relationship can not be ignored. In the matte black watch, after blasting process black ceramic bezel, polished figures and scale to make the appearance looks more calm. And in this watch, bring more people is a moderate, bright feeling, less a minute masculinity. Perhaps you do not know that the COSC (Swiss official observatory) certification used in the Rolex movement has been replaced and replaced by a new Rover certification standard developed by Rolex, which requires that watch accuracy be kept Error -2 / + 2 seconds or less. The new Rolex watch 40 watch with the same as last year's watch, equipped with Cal.3135-type movement, it has a Rolex's "green seal", on behalf of its absolute reliability and stability. Also in the Basel Watch Fair this year there are 39.5mm size Omega Seamaster Series Ocean Cosmos 600 to the Observatory "Chocolate" watch, it is interesting that this is a Omega to open the female market and the introduction of the watch. On the small series of personal, I am not a fan of chocolate fans, so this color is more gentle watch is not very call, of course, this is just personal preferences. This model 116621 Rolex Yacht Mingshi 40 watch priced at 13400 Swiss francs.